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     Doug Habbena, bassist for Goose Creek Symphony, was born in Bellingham, Washington, ironically in the very area where Charlie Gearheart would spend many years in times to come.

      At age 7 Doug's family moved to Iowa, and at age 10 he decided to learn to play a musical instrument. The school band director needed a tuba player, so Doug went to work learning to play the instrument that he terms "bigger than I was at the time." Doug has always been drawn to music. He remembers he and his mom singing Everly Brothers songs at the sink while doing the nightly dishes, and his mom swears he was whistling Glen Miller melodies from his crib at six months old.

      When Doug was about 14, he and some school friends formed a band called "The Ravens." They needed a bass player, so Doug was elected. He got a Sears Silvertone and a small amp, and started his career. He continued playing with local bands throughout high school, and after high school his band was picked up by B.J. Thomas for a concert tour. In fact, Doug was the first bass player to play "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head."

      After the tour, Doug went to the University of South Dakota, where he initially majored in pre-med, and also continued to play in local bands. After switching majors several times, he finally became a music major. But shortly before the end of his senior year, he left college to join another band, called "Zero Ted". In 1974 he and the band moved to Denver, Colorado, and later to South Dakota. A drummer in the band, Mark Craney, eventually left to play with several well-known national acts, including Jethro Tull and Gino Vanelli. Doug moved with Mark to Los Angeles in 1976, and Doug continued his musical career with regional bands.

      Doug joined a British band called the Mark Almond Band for a North American tour in 1977. From 1978 to 1981 he performed across North America with rock and roller Bobby V.

     In 1985 Doug moved from Los Angeles to Kansas City, where he continued toplay with local bands, including future jazz star Keven Mahoghany.

      In 1989 Doug moved to Nashville, where he worked as a session player and sideman for local songwriters. In 1992 he started playing bass for singer Shelby Lynne.

      A year later, he audioned for Goose Creek Symphony, and has been with the band ever since. In between Goose gigs he has also worked with Paulette Carlson, and pursues other musical projects as well. He also played on the highly aclaimed instrumental album "Unravelled" by Nashville guitarist Bill Cooley.

Doug enjoys playing golf and deep-sea fishing in his spare time. He also plays guitar and keyboards, (and tuba).

      Doug cites the Beatles as his largest musical influence. His favorite all-around bass player is Chris Squire, of the rock band Yes.

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